From now on, beauty has a name: yours

Visit our boutique where experts wants to understand your specific needs. After more than 3 years of research we have codified different lifestyles and types of skin to make sure to provide a personalized approach. After having first carried out an accurate skin testing, we’ll be able to develop a formula specifically adapted for you. Simply unique. We have chosen the best ingredients and cosmetic bases and the resulting blends are then worked thanks to a revolutionary and innovative productive process that allows us to prepare your cosmetic in our lab before your very eyes.

We design and deliver your personalised skin care the same day.

Women know it very well: cosmetics do work, provided that three necessary conditions are met.

1)  Active ingredients: they need to meet the highest standards in terms of high quality and perfomances. 
2) Concentrations: the active ingredient has to be used in large quantities in order to express its cosmetic qualities.
3) Customization: no half measures. Ingredients must be chosen to satisfy your needs. Because each of us is unique. 


The Monalys method follows these three principles. Moreover, we did develop them.

For these reasons at Monalys we believe in custom-made skin care: based upon possible benefits and their intensity we can compose millions of possible combinations in terms of  cosmetic formulations.

One of these is yours.

Choose the right skin care for you

Shop on line!

Now you can purchase on line your custom-made skin care and the “ready to wear” cosmetics. It’s easy!

If you are a new customer, visit, choose your products, and in your reserved area, tab Order, download and fill the “5 minutes test” and email to

If you are already our customer, write you name in the “Note” area of your purchase or the lot number you want.

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You might be surprised by all the people that have experienced our skin care

“…since I started using my custom-made skin care, my skin is getting better and better. I am satisfied!…”N.P.