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Monalys is the first Laboratory and Boutique of custom made skin care.

…Empty handed with a new idea in mind….

I’m  in a perfume shop surrounded by similar products displayed on shelves. I’m confused. I’m looking for a Facial cream and anything seems to be suitable for my needs. Which one to choose? It’s hard to identify myself with a classification determined by others. Therefore I understand  the true choice is something else: to break the rules in order to create a made to measure cosmetic for each of us. Biotechnology taught me that the science of life is the science of every single person. Because is unique.

That day I got out empty handed with a new idea in mind: Monalys.

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are vehicles used to achieve the creative project of Monalys. Passion drives the work of our team, looking for the most suitable solution for each person.

The name Monalys is inspired by the Greek concept “monos” of uniqueness; each of us is unique and therefore has unique needs and characteristic. This concept is  the core of the creative project of Monalys. As in the Haute Couture dressmaking, even cosmetics are made according to the specific needs of the individual.
Every cosmetic is as unique as you are.
In our boutique we revolutionize the usual cosmetic method with a plus of passion, technology and innovation.
Press already knows Monalys, read the articles about us.

“…a peculiar shop in  Florence… behind the desk you may find an “artisanal heart” where custom-made skin care are made…”N.P.

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