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“…a peculiar shop in  Florence… behind the desk you may find an “artisanal heart” where custom-made skin care are made…”N.P.

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You are the center of Monalys’ world, as well as Monalys’ people are the core of our project.

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Monalys_stefanoI am a dreamer, attracted by everything that “cannot be done because nothing like that has never be done”. On the other hand, what would our life be without challenges? My story is simple. Is the story of a man who wanted to change rules. That’s the reason for Monalys’ project, a dream come true thanks to the people that follow and support me in this journey.


Monalys_tommasoBiologist, he holds a Master Degree in Cosmetology from the University of Ferrara. He coordinates the technical aspect of the project and makes it possible every day. When we first met he told me: “Stefano, your idea is so foolish that it may work!”. Since that day we have not stopped working together.


Monalys_elisabettaShe almost always has her nose stuck in her computer, and takes care of our presence in social media. Working in our lab and shooting photos are her main passions. Wannabe polyglot, she wants to learn Russian, and if I know her well, she will succed in doing it.


Monalys_ilariaThe youngest of our team, Ilaria is the organization soul: without her our boutique should be a turmoil of papers and ideas! Her sweetness is simply unique, as soon as you get in our boutique she will make you feel special from the very first time. She will spoil you because she is in love with her work.

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