The Beauty Parlor

11 Apr

Alessandra Lepri is an extraordinary person. She takes care of our relations with the press and is passionate about Monalys project. Some time ago she came to me and told me, “Stefano, we need to introduce Monalys to the public. Let’s organize a social gathering in which we will invite the most influential journalists and bloggers in Italy. They will be our ambassadors! ”

I must say that at first I did not believe it. Nobody could be interested in Monalys, I thought, in comparison to the giants of the international cosmetics. And I was wrong: with her enthusiasm Alessandra has involved nice and competent people, and already two editions of the Beauty Parlor were made. The first March 29 and the second on April 11.

I do not tell you anything because you’ll read it in the posts and articles of the participants. I can only say that Alessandra, Ilaria, Elisabetta, Tommaso and I really enjoy it!

See you soon!

2º Beauty Salon #mymonalys #beautyday

11 Apr

A special day full of beauty and entertainment together with italian Beauty&Fashion journalists and bloggers, our guests for a day to live and enjoy the Monalys experience!