Skin with acne is a shared problem that affects pores with consequent blackheads and pimples growth and, in even more serious situations, the appearance of pustules.

Hormonal disorder is the main cause of acne. We can see an excessive sebaceous gland secretion with skin pores blocked up and sebum piled up providing a fertile soil for bacterial overgrowth and assured final inflammation.

To help the skin to act in opposition to these imperfections and eventually set them right, we have to restore proper hydration, level of sebum production, prevent pore obstruction, calm inflammations and fortify the skin’s regenerative capacity.



Hyaluronic acid:



glicosaminoglycan located in the dermis that possesses the ability to attract and retain water molecules in large quantity; in this way it helps to restore correct skin moisture.



fibrous protein able to absorb huge water quantities; the application of collagen on the skin will protect from skin aging and will improve hydration.

E.G. Burdock:


it is a herbaceous plant from whose roots we obtain an extract rich in caffeine acids with excellent sebum normalising and purifying properties.

Leontopodium alpinum meristem cell culture:


plant stem cells facilitate the cutaneous rejuvenation thanks to their regenerating totipotency (or cell potency), in other words they stimulate every cell  of the body and enable the natural tissue repair process. They have a significant antioxidant, protective and regenerative power.

Syringa Vulgaris (Lilac) Leaf Cell:


its stem cells exert a supervision on the control mechanisms regulating sebum production through the 5α-reductase inhibition (local testosterone activator), the reduction of inflammation and bacteriostatic action against propionibacterium acnes.

  • E.G Licorice:
  • liquirizia Glycyrrhiza_glabra0
  • extracted from licorice root and used as soothing, calming and strong normalizing for sensitive/irritated skins. It acts to normalize skin sensitivity phenomena which alter the normal physiology of the skin and that, if neglected, contribute to ageing.



it has considerable soothing and decongestant properties. It helps natural skin repair, calms irritations and also has a bacteriostatic action.