Hyper-pigmentation is quite a common imperfection. This rising phenomenon is supported by statistical data even among young people; this is primarily related to a longer ultraviolet light irradiation because of the even more evident climate changes and hormonal imbalances owing to stress.

Normally, melanin accumulation in the cells is replaced within the body in a short time, instead in mature age the exchange circle slows down and melanin amass becomes more evident. Moreover, we can observe a large amount of lipofuscins (oxidized pigments that emphasize the dark spots colour).


e.g. Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi):


derives from the species in the genus of Arctostaphylos. A procumbent shrub 10-30 centimetres high with evergreen leaves that change every three years and small dark purple berries with unpleasant taste. From a cosmetic point of view the most interesting component held in the uva ursine extract is, undoubtedly, the arbutin with its lightening properties on the pigmentation spots. Arbutin plays its stain- whitening action inhibiting the tyrosinase creation the enzyme involved in melanin synthesis.