The skin is the body’s largest organ: it covers an area of approximately 1,5/2 m² in an adult individual, being from 5mm to 0,5 mm thick. The skin performs also various functions, such as protecting us from external aggressions (atmospheric, chemical, biological and mechanical) and contributing to the thermoregulation as well as the maintenance of hydrosaline equilibrium. Not to mention that it enables our body movements in line with our musculature. The skin is involved in the manufacture of  vitamin D, it absorbs and secretes substances as it reacts to internal and external stimulations.

It has been estimated that the skin of each one of us renovates itself approximately every 21 days. Given the above, it is clear how complex and unique it is for everyone the skin as an organ. For this reasons at Monalys we believe in custom-made skin care: based upon benefits and their intensity we can compose millions of possible combinations in terms of  cosmetic formulations. One of these is yours.

“…since I started using my custom-made skin care, my skin is getting better and better. I am satisfied!…”N.P.

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