Dark circles depend on capillary vasodilatation of the eyelid. Eye contour is very  thin and delicate that’s why a fluid accumulation, released by broken micro capillaries, can be particularly evident and unsightly.

Our task is to maintain capillary integrity and improve microcirculation to drain congested fluids around the eyes.



Hyaluronic acid:



glycosaminoglycan located in the dermis, it is part of the fundamental substance in which fibroblasts are submerged. Its structure is jelly and with the ability to call back and hold a great amount of water to be a support for the three-dimensional scaffold made from the collagen fibres. It also provides a slight tightening effect relaxing the muscules of the periocular area.

Centella asiatica:


commonly called “lawn tiger” too, is a small, herbaceous plant of the Apiacee family. Native to the Asian continent it also grows in Australia and Africa, especially in damp and muddy areas. It is a characteristic plant that belongs to the Indian medical tradition. It possesses an eutrophic function towards the dermis and the perivascular connective of the capillaries in order to improve local microcirculation.